Sales Pro Restaurant Management Software

The program is intended for restaurants and cafés, as it includes points of sale and is divided into three systems (Takeway - Lounge - Delivery) and supports determining the number of tables and transferring service from one table to another. It also supports touch screens and showing the student number to the caller without the need to search for the name of the customer. It includes a screen for kitchen workers to show the balloons and their numbers without The need to print an additional bonnet for kitchen staff. It also includes a system of selling in quantities for items that are sold in quantity (a quarter of a kilo - half a kilo) and not by piece.

البرنامج المحاسبي لإدارة محلات العطارة

Accounting Program 

Any restaurant needs to organize the requests inside the hall, delivery and takeaway to prevent crowding, maintain the presence of customers and preserve the name of the restaurant, and also needs to provide all restaurant requests.

This program helps to manage sales, purchases, stores and treasury.

Enter all types of meat, fish, baked goods and drinks and define their prices.

Recording all different customer requests from requests inside the restaurant hall, takeaway requests, delivery requests, and issuing invoices for each request.

Through the kitchen model, orders can be shown in the kitchen through a special screen that shows each order with items, quantities, table number and order number attached. You can also allocate a kitchen printer and print a kitchen ticket showing the items and table number or order number together. You can also divide the application into more than one section.

Tables and number of people can be specified

Through the program’s reports, it is possible to know the orders that are made during the day and their dates, the orders that customers frequently request, the orders that have less demand, and the orders that are not requested.

It is also possible to follow the daily movement of the restaurant, including sales, purchases, the treasury, and to know the profits and losses.

The program alerts in the event of a shortage of any stock of orders.

In the event that there is more than one branch of the restaurant, they can be linked through the program and follow up the branches.

In addition, the program supports a special section for personnel affairs, so that the data of the restaurant workers can be registered and their jobs can be determined, and the program can be linked to a fingerprint device or work manually, and calculate the days of vacation, absence, working hours, and salary calculation every month

Program Advantages

The program is designed in C# + SQL server databases.

The program supports linking branches and hardware, that was its location .

The program supports backup and recovery of data.

The program supports longer users with defining permissions for each user.

It also supports barcode readers and prints in more than one way.

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